What Makes a Mattress Perfect for Your Taste?

A good mattress that is also well matched to the mattress support ensures a good night’s sleep. Pay enough attention to the choice of your mattress. Just try them out.

The best way to choose a mattress is to try them out. This can be done in stores with sleeping furniture. When testing a mattress, you have to consider the most important pressure points of the body. These are the shoulders for the man, the hips for the woman. The mattress should press the most easily in these places.

A slatted base is the best choice for people who want active support and want to prevent or remedy back problems. With a slatted base you should use flexible mattresses in latex, possibly with comfort zones or high-quality foam.

People who easily perspire can benefit from a box spring. Such a bed also looks very luxurious. With a box spring there is a quality mattress in latex or with pocket springs or a solid mattress with comfort zones.

Ten Commandments

Make sure your bed is large and long enough: at least 40 cm wider than your shoulders and 20 cm longer than your total body length.

Hard or soft lying is a personal choice. If you are a featherweight, choose a flexible mattress with comfort zone so that the shoulders and hip area are easy to press.

A higher bed facilitates getting in and out. A bed that reaches up to your knees is ideal for that.

Two separate mattresses are best for partners with different weight.

Always choose the mattress in function of the bed base and allow for adjustment possibilities.

Who sweats a lot, best goes for a mattress and bed base with optimal ventilation?

If you are sensitive to dust mites or other materials, opt for a mattress with the anti-allergic finish.

Always give a new mattress protector and a mattress protector and choose a detachable cover. This is much more hygienic.

Turn the mattress regularly in the length and width, then ventilates them better and lasts longer.

Test the mattress before you buy them from mattress stores Gilbert AZ.