The Sleep and the Mattress: The Connection

For a good night’s sleep, it is very important to choose the right mattress size. You will be happy to get advice on the suitable length and width of your mattress. At Mattress Store Tucson you will find various mattress sizes, from single mattresses of 70 x 200 cm to spacious double mattresses of 180 x 220 cm.

Different mattress sizes

Mattress Store Tucson has a wide range of mattresses with different dimensions. You can contact them for single mattresses, double mattresses and customized mattresses. Single mattresses and double mattresses are available in different sizes. Read below how you choose the right length and width for your mattress.

Sizes single mattress

At Mattress Store Tucson you will find single mattresses of 70, 80 and 90 cm wide. A single mattress is often used for a child or teenager, but is also a practical interpretation for a double bed. If you have a different build, different length or weight than your partner, then it is advisable to use two separate single mattresses in your double bed. You then choose the mattress that best suits your body and sleep pattern.

Choose a single mattress width

The wider your mattress is, the more comfortable you will sleep. You then have sufficient room to move while you are sleeping. With a single mattress it is therefore always wise to choose the widest possible mattress, preferably a 90 cm wide mattress.

Sizes double mattress

Double mattresses are available in different widths. The smallest double bed is 140 centimeters wide. A 160 cm wide mattress is a larger size and is also called queen size. The largest mattresses that Mattress Store Tucson sells are 180 cm wide. These mattresses are also called king size.

Choose width double mattress

For a double mattress also applies that a wider mattress provides more sleeping comfort, because you and your partner don’t disturb each other. You sleep better on a wide mattress and have more room to move while sleeping. A 180 cm wide mattress offers you the most space at night, so that you have sufficient room to move while sleeping. Even when you are built wide, it is always advisable to purchase a wide mattress.

Tailor-made mattress

If you want a mattress with different dimensions, Mattress Store Tucson can make a custom mattress for you. You can choose from all shapes and sizes, so that your mattress always fits perfectly into your self-made bed, caravan, bedstead or camper.