Wet mattress: How to clean and dry it properly

Keeping a clean mattress is not always easy, especially if we have small children, we are prone to small domestic accidents. In this article we show you some tips to clean and dry the mattress when it wets, a problem that, like many others, has a solution.

Tips to remove the stain or moisture from the mattress

  1. One of the best tips if you have small children or if you are clumsier, as I am, is to cover the mattress with waterproof protection, so you will avoid many of the small accidents that can wet the mattress. If my advice is too late, and your mattress has already wet, stay calm! If you have the patience, you can clean the mattress so that the moisture inside it will disappear and with it and microorganisms whose appearance is favored by moisture.
  2. When the mat is wet or stained, we should try to remove excess fluid immediately. The first thing to keep in mind is removing moisture. Thus, we will remove the mattress from the bed, making sure that we can access it from all sides. We will cover the wet area with dry and clean clothes to absorb as much liquid as possible, pressing gently on that area. We will repeat the process until the area remains as dry as possible. Paper towels from paper can also be helpful.
  3. If the mat was wetted with water, we only have to dry it. If, on the contrary, it has been wetted with another fluid, we will have to take action to clean the stain. This will clean the stain after excess fluid is removed.
  4. But before proceeding to clean the stain, you will need to consult the cleaning instructions of the mattress as they are given by the specialists. One of the options to clean a stain is to mix the dishwashing detergent with cold water and with a sponge to clean the stain. You can also use detergent for upholstery or soap. Do not insist very much on the stain because there is a risk that the mattress’s cover may become damaged or discolored. With a clean sponge we will clean the foam left by the detergent, always taking care that the mattress remains as dry as possible and that no other liquid gets inside the mattress. Get the best now from mattress store Fort WorthClearfork.
  5. Finally, we’ll dry the mattress. Ideally, the mattress should be left to dry in a space where it has clean air. If this is not possible, we will use a fan or dryer by using it with cold air. We can also use the warm air of the hair dryer, but the amount of time should be short, otherwise the mattress cover material may change color.

If you follow these strict steps, your mattress will keep the same look before the accident.